Entertainment Central Pittsburgh logo.

Entertainment Central Pittsburgh

Rick Handler and the Handler Marketing team created and developed Entertainment Central Pittsburgh, one of Pittsburgh’s top entertainment websites. Pittsburgh has some great entertainment publications and sites, but Handler felt there was an opportunity to build a site with outstanding writing and photography, and do it in a fun way when appropriate. He set out, with the Handler Marketing team, to create an “entertainment Ferrari”— a site that like a Ferrari has a hot, clean design; is fun to drive and use; and gets you where you want to go fast. EC features stories on dining, music, theater, nightlife, art, and movies. The site went live in 2012 and has been experiencing good organic growth ever since.

Entertainment Central is a showcase for many of Handler Marketing’s capabilities— marketing strategy, brand development, creative, website design and development, logo and graphic design, writing and editing, photography, social media, advertising, digital media, search engine optimization (SEO), and more. Handler is preparing to ramp up and promote the site more. He owns the federal trademark for the name Entertainment Central in several different trademark classes pertaining to media. He hopes to grow the concept into other cities.

Screenshot of Entertainment Central Pittsburgh.