High-performance Advertising, Marketing and Media.

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Handler Marketing created and owns one of Pittsburgh's top entertainment websites, Entertainment Central Pittsburgh.

High-performance Advertising, Marketing and Media.

Providing award-winning advertising and marketing services since 1993, Handler Marketing creates high quality work at reasonable prices, thus delivering great value. We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service. Let us assist you in revving up your bottom line.


Handler Marketing can design a creative advertising campaign to cut through all the clutter, deliver your business’ message and achieve it’s advertising goals.

Strategic Marketing & Planning

Without a comprehensive strategic plan your business doesn’t know where it’s going, how to get there or how to know if it’s arrived.

Brand Marketing

Your brand is your product/businesses reputation that exists in the perceptual map that consumers form in their mind regarding products/businesses and their images.

New Business & Product Launches

Having an entrepreneurial marketing professional assist with the launch and early growth period can help maximize new businesses/products chances for success.

Media Planning & Buying

Through his experience as a media rep and agency buyer Rick Handler knows how to plan media and buy it at the lowest possible cost for clients. He is also attentive to any value-added opportunities and promotional opportunities for clients. Utilizing the media vehicles that best reach your target audiences in an efficient manner, Handler will in effect get you “more media bang for your media buck.”

Public Relations, Publicity & Promotions

Your business has many stories to tell. Let Handler Marketing be your business’ storyteller. Good public relations elevates your business’ image in the various communities and environments it operates in. Good public relations increases customer satisfaction and loyalty and attracts new customers. Consumers buy from businesses they feel good about.

By sending out news releases, press packs or samples Handler Marketing will try to secure publicity about your business and products. Third party publicity is one of the most believable and effective forms of marketing. Publicity can also be a low cost way to gain maximum exposure. Handler Marketing has landed numerous mentions and stories for clients.

Promotions increase sales over a specific period of time. Handler Marketing has produced successful promotions for many different clients including Pepsi, The Daytona International Speedway, international rock band, The Who, Pasta Piatto and Margaritaville Restaurants, etc.


Websites not only encompass sight, sound, motion and emotion, but also interactivity. Websites are one of the most advanced marketing tools available today. Handler Marketing can build you an effective website that strengthens your brand and deepens the relationship you have between your business and it’s customers. Through effective websites customers and potential customers can interact with your business when and where they choose. Thus increasing potential for sales. To see a nicely designed custom site Handler Marketing has built please visit Entertainment Central Pittsburgh.

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